Friday, September 16, 2011

Science Month Celebration Activities

Activities and Dates

Theme-Making Contest (August 31,2011)

Criteria for judging: Originality - 30%; Relevance to the Celebration - 40%; Impact - 30%


1st Place- Dave Danson Dy 1T (Seed Today, Save Tomorrow)

2nd Place- Daphnie Divine Dy 3S (The Sprout Duels the Drought)

3rd Place- Psyche Mae Lagon 4F (Every Leaf Counts)

4th Place- Bea Leal 2D (Rebuilding Nature, Enriching Lives)

5th Place- Isabella Renee Aguilar 3O (Initiating, Innovating, Igniting)

Bulletin Board Designing (September 19-28)

Deadline (September 28)- respective Science Teachers will check the bulletin boards

Judging Date (September 30)


  • Each section will be asked to design their bulletin boards for the Science Month Celebration.
  • Only the whiteboard will be designed by the class. The left/right cork board will be used as their Science bulletin and the left/right cork board will be spared for the announcements.
  • Students are given 8 days to design their sections bulletin board.
  • The bulletin board will be one of the projects of each class in Science in the second quarter.

For the white board (Main Bulletin):

  • The design of the bulletin board must be aligned on this year’s theme (Seed Today, Save Tomorrow).
  • Since this year’s focus is on environmental awareness buying of costly materials for the boards are discouraged.

For the left cork board (Science Bulletin):

  • This is where the section will post current Science news/issues.
  • It must also have sort of “background designs”.
  • Criteria for judging:

Originality - 30%

Adherence to the Celebration Theme - 30%

Creativity - 30%

Impact - 10%

Total: 100%

Science Quiz Bowl (Battle of the Science Wiz 2011)

Elimination Round (September 20)

  • Students will be given a 100-item multiple choice written examination for the elimination process.
  • The written examination shall be composed of questions related to Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy, Environmental Science and Earth Science.
  • There will be a separate contest for Level 1 and Level 2 but the same set of questions will be used for all levels.
  • The top 30 students based on the scores from each level (1 and 2) shall proceed to the Semi-final Round.

Semi-Final Round (September 23)

  • The top 60 students who qualified for this round will be given another 70-item written examination composed of identification items.
  • The top 10 students from Level 1 and 2 based on the scores will advance to the Final round.

Final Round (September 29)

  • The final phase shall be divided into three rounds: Easy, Average and Difficult

Tree Planting Activity (First Phase- Collection of Fruit Bearing Trees)

Collection of fruit-bearing trees (Deadline: September 28, 2011)

  • Each year level will be assigned to collect the following fruit bearing trees:
First Year- Mango

Second Year- Jackfruit

Fourth Year- Neem/ Palm Tree

  • Each student has to bring the assigned seedling on the said deadline.
  • Seedlings must be at least 1 FOOT tall.
  • The seedlings must be labelled with the student’s name, name of the seedling, and year and section.
  • All students will submit their seedlings at the old canteen area on September 28 for classification. (Labels will be provided on the place).
  • No student will be allowed to bring their seedlings to their classrooms instead; they are to proceed to the specified place early in the morning on the said date.
  • If ever that a student has other kind/type of seedling available at home aside from the assigned ones, they may submit it instead of the one required of them.

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